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If you see little holes along the branch, then it could be shothole borer.  Shothole borer is the only one i can think of that would attack the branch.  There are many types of borers that will attack apple trees, but they typically attack at the burr knot from the graft.  M26 is a rootstock that is highly susceptible to borers.  Visit http://extension.missouri.edu/explore/agguides/pests/g07190.htm and you will see a list of the different borers, where the damage is most likely to occur and other very pertinent information on how to combat them.  Hope this helps.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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  I was looking into my multi grafted apple tree the other day, and looking at the northern spy branches. One of the branches had no growth on the tip, so as soon as I bent it a little, it broke. The center was hollow. It seemed that it's some type of borer. 
  Should I prune the branche to where the hollow part ends to avoid borers from spreading?

  Bethlehem, pa, zone 6

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