[NAFEX] Anyone know where to get a Sal's fig? (Michael Nave)

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I reread the CH vs. Sal's Garden Web thread (I read it on GW last year).  On October 5, 2006 'Herman 2' wrote something to this effect:

As a matter of fact I can tell you that in my climate Sal's matures its fruits a lot earlier than HC.  So at the end of summer HC is left with a lot of green fruits and Sal's is not. 
Also when it rains hard the fruit skin of a ripe HC disintegrates while Sal's does not. Also the eye is more closed.  With tougher skin Sal's is able to stand rainy weather much better than HC.  Also Sal's is definitely is more productive, in my opinion. (I edited the prose slightly.)

I have what I presume is a HC that I got from mIEKAL aND.  The skin of my HC ripe fruits essentially melts into slime, as Herman 2 describes .  That's an important difference; if Herman's purported "Sal's" is truly Sal's, then HC and Sal's ARE not the same clone despite many similarities. 

One thing I couldn't tell from the thread was who actually has a plant of  Herman's 'non-meltable Sal's', and, has one that is not infected with Fig Mosaic Virus. Though the discussion included offers of cuttings, these were for trade, and I didn't have anything to trade at the time--so I decided not to try to beg Sal's because I didn't really know anyone on the Garden Web Forum--unlike NAFEX where us regular posters don't seem to mind being begged for stuff at all.

It seems from the GW forum like Nafex's own Doc Lisenby might have the real thing, Doc?  I can't follow all the connections on the fig forum so I can't tell for sure who might be in possession of the waterproof Sal's

Steve Herje, SW Wisconsin USA

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  This doesn't address your issue of where to buy Sal's for $20 and under, but thought I'd point out the lengthy but interesting discussion last fall on the GW fig forum as to whether Sal's and Hardy Chicago are the same fig. (see:  http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg101415465988.html )  Another interesting aspect is that Belleclare Nursery sold two varieties of Sal's fig on Long Island until they closed last Fall.   They also sold Hardy Chicago under the local name of Bensonhurst Purple.  Mike McConkey of Edible Landscaping has posted that he thinks Sal's is the same as Hardy Chicago (see:  http://elandscape.proboards55.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1159361261).  I bought both HC and Sal's from Mike in the past and would disagree with him - but they are quite similar, and his suppliers have confused the two since I made my purchases in 2001.

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    Not having any luck finding a Sal's fig, except for a few places that 
    want more than $20 for a plant......

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