[NAFEX] finches in apple trees

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Mon May 7 21:21:37 EDT 2007

I combined some mylar bird-scare stuff, this page has some:
http://tinyurl.com/23l8ce ,
and a seed feeder.  We have also always had pyracantha, and many birds
prefer the voluminous red-orange berries to other food sources on the
property.  I know with the feeder you incur the additional cost of birdfeed,
but I'm someone who likes birds in the yard, as long as they're eating the
seeds and for-the-birds berries and leaving my food alone.  

I found the mylar stuff works better than fake owls, as it moves with the
slightest breeze, presenting different sounds, shapes, and colors.

I've used netting for small red fruits like strawberries, but it seems
impractical for trees.

~ Stephen

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The birds have been pecking at our pre-bloom blossoms, so that cuts 
down our fruit possibilities.  Any ideas to keep them off the 
trees?  I'm told they don't "taste" so sprays as for deer and rabbits 
won't work.  Tried a plastic owl; not much help.
Netting?  Or will one do more damage when trying to remove it?

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