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I was told this by a very reputable and knowledgeable professor emeritus. 
But I can't say that it applies to all plants. The discussion was
specifically about oak leaves and the fact that the pH levels varied with
soil pH. I should have said that caveat. Next time I talk with him, I'll ask
about other species.
Rain is acidic and over time will change basic soil to acidic. The action is
very slowwwww, think millenia. But the point is that you can't measure the
pH of the top of the soil and know what pH the roots are in.
Thanks to Ginda for pulling up Jim's old post. :)

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    Is this conjecture?:
I don't know a lot on the topic and I don't know what pH southern soil
normally is. But my statement only address the fact that what comes into the
tree is the same as what eventually falls off.


I think you would have difficulty proving it.

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