[NAFEX] nafex OT - Snipping

oowonbs at netscape.net oowonbs at netscape.net
Sun May 6 15:47:40 EDT 2007

I may get in trouble for this... But I counted, well, "noone" of late 
to be editing email Replies.  Worse, many Reply, to A Reply, which has 
in tow,
that to which It WAS Replied initially. List-Owner? Apologies...
Know what I mean? Hey, I own or mod dozens of lists. NAFEX is, or was, a
rather premier list.  Lot of Pros to help us here. Neither we nor they 
to be so abused if the list is to do well and continue to allow we 
into it.  One 2 line, VERY worthy Reply, had 273 lines in 3 prior posts,
trailing it.  We ALL mess up sometimes...! That's 4 in a row, in a 
post-sequence.  Aggy, and posting, are both disciplines. ;>)

FWIW, an old baker's adage works well in much of the "rough sciences,"
where conversions are concerned. "A pint's a Pound, the world 'round."
Except for unusal items like liquid paint or cement, but for a pint of 
flour, and mannnny granulated items, a measured pint is close to a 
weighed pound.

As for boron, as was said, less, is safer. You can always resalt a soup.
Taking it back out, is a real hassle. LOL!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

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