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Released Apple Cultivar: Richelieu.

Origin: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

Breeders: R.L. Granger, C.N. Fortin and G.L. Rousselle.

Author(s): R.L. Granger, C.N. Fortin and G.L. Rousselle.

Pedigree: Introduced in 1990. Ottawa-521 X Ottawa-541.

Tree characteristics: very hardy, moderately vigorous, spreading, a little
slow to come into bearing, very productive annually.

Fruit characteristics: attractive, medium size, 58 X 74 mm diameter,
oblong-conic; basin: medium depth, with a few lobes on inner, sloping sides;
calyx: persistent, convergent, fully closed; cavity: acute, deep, slightly
russeted; stem: medium thick, 12-15 mm long; core: small to medium size;
skin: glossy, up to 85% medium red on light green background, with widely
spaced conspicuous beige to white dots; flesh: white, juicy, crisp; flavor:
very good, mild to subacid with high sugar and aroma; quality: satisfactory;
end use: dessert, culinary; ripens mid-September in Frelighsburg (QC).

Postharvest, storage: 3 months or more in regular storage.

Other characteristics: Diseases and disorders: moderately resistant to
powdery mildew andfireblight, very susceptible to cedar apple and quince
rust, resistant to apple scab (Vf gene); ancestry includes Melba, McIntosh,
Rome Beauty, and M.floribunda 821.

Adaptation & availability: Good for Quebec and Eastern and Central Canada. A
limited number of budwood is available from the breeder only to universities
and research stations and after signing a non-propagation agreement.


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