[NAFEX] Black Raspberry and freeze info

Mark & Helen Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Sat May 5 13:30:27 EDT 2007


I live south of Kansas City on the outskirts of the suburbs.  I can't say
much about wild rubus, but our domesticated blackberries will not fruit this
year.  For some of them, they were small canes, and would have been the
first year to fruit (planted spring 2006).  Others were planted this spring
before the big freeze.

All of them leafed out before the freeze and the foliage was pretty much
100% destruction.  The floralcanes on last years blackberries refoliated but
are now in the process of dying, while the roots are sending up new
primocanes.  The black raspberries planted this spring also suffered
significant loss on the foliage.  They are sending up primocanes as well.

The blackberries that should have fruited were Apache.  I called a PYO
blackberry patch several miles south of us.  They have a little more hardy
blackberry (Chester) and they said their foliage was killed as well.  But
they did say the word is still out on whether theirs will fruit or not.  So,
it's hard to say if you could find any wild rubus berries around here or
not, but I wouldn't necessarily be optimistic.

I planted some service berries this spring.  Looks like we have about 4
berries that set from one of the new plants.  There is going to be fierce
competition of insects and wildlife for those 4 berries.  I'm prepared to do


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> Hi everyone,
> We have recieved a grant from the National Plant
> Germplasm System and the Plant Exploration Office to
> do some plant collecting in June and July from South
> Carolina across northern Georgia, Alabama, and into
> Tennessee as well as a second trip stretching from
> Kansas City to Bismark, North Dakota.  The main focus
> of this trip is going to be to collect fruit of wild
> black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) along the
> southern and western edges of the range to evaluate
> genetic diversity in wild populations as well as
> general horticultural merit.  Collections will all go
> to the National Clonal Germplasm Repository so it can
> be accessed by researchers around the world.  In
> addition to black raspberry we will be collecting wild
> fragaria and vaccinium as we find them.
> I'm hoping some of you on the list can provide me with
> information regarding the status of these wild fruits
> in the wake of the freeze Easter weekend.  I'm curious
> how badly plants were affected and whether we'll be
> able to collect fruit this season along this route.
> In addition if anyone has information on specific
> locations or general areas where they know these
> plants are growing wild along these routes I would be
> most appreciative.
> Thanks for all your help,
> Michael Dossett
> Corvallis, Oregon
> Michael Dossett
> Corvallis, Oregon
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