[NAFEX] nafex pH Question

oowonbs at netscape.net oowonbs at netscape.net
Fri May 4 20:18:17 EDT 2007

>I don't know a lot on the topic and I don't know what pH southern soil
normally is. But my statement only address the fact that what comes 
into the
tree is the same as what eventually falls off.

Hmmm, so a lemon tree out west... ;>)

I did once see a map of the U.S. in an aggy book in
the library... It was specifically a pH map.  It was
very plain that pH in the eastern U.S. was/is, acidic.
The west was alkalai. The center was neutral.

Acid and excessive rains leaching soil in the east was
1 main reason given. Variance from north to south
was not significant, comparitively. The map was plain,
and startling. I had no idea.  Stone statues in the east
do far more poorly an in the west due to the rains,
except in very heavily trafficed areas... where statues tend
to be. Stone buildings though, similarly, were far worse
off in the east, even if of the same age.

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