[NAFEX] Deer

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Fri May 4 11:07:20 EDT 2007

> In some areas you need to be cautious about training your dogs to 
> chase deer; especially if they might chase them onto someone else's 
> property.

I might also mention that if you encourage your dogs to chase deer, then 
it's likely they'll continue further than you expect or want - and 
certainly more than your neighbors want. Sort of like encouraging your 
dogs to bark. If you discourage them from barking, they'll still bark 
when necessary, but if you encourage their barking, you'll soon wish you 
hadn't (or your neighbors will).

I suspect most dogs will chase deer, to some extent, even given no 
encouragement at all. And, of course, if they're confined to your 
property, then no problem. But I would never encourage a dog to chase 
deer if he's allowed to run lose. (I never let my old lab chase anything 
but squirrels, since I figured they wouldn't go very far. That worked 
OK, except that my dog took some bad falls when he tried to climb after 

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