[NAFEX] Organic Silica Source(Tips for greenhouse)

Dylan Ford dford at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Fri May 4 06:41:58 EDT 2007

Kenneth - I am not entirely comfortable speculating on this. According to
internet search Borax has 11% available Boron, but I have no idea what might
be represented in the other 89%. My advice, given that Boron is truly a
MICRO nutrient is to start lighter than what you suggest, and maybe go a
little heavier once your plants have some size on them. And mix it with
humic or fulvic acid, or at least worm-casting or compost tea, and maybe a
little molasses or sugar.  I think your radish study is a good Idea.  dylan

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> Dylan,
> Can you speculate a little for me? If I wanted to hand water my 'maters
say once every week or two with trace amounts of boron derived from Twenty
Mule team washing borax, How would I go about it? Dissolve a cup of Borax in
5 gallons of water, then only use a cup of that stock solution per 2 gallon
watering can?

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