[NAFEX] nafex Boron, Sand?

oowonbs at netscape.net oowonbs at netscape.net
Thu May 3 17:06:08 EDT 2007

> > Anyone know of an organic source of silicon?
> How about....SAND.

Composted plants? (Manure from plant eaters???) LOL!
Sand eh? How about "green sand?" Kill 2 birds with, well... sand?

>Can you speculate a little for me? If I wanted to hand water my 
'maters say once
every week or two with trace amounts of boron derived from Twenty Mule 
washing borax, ..........

Why not leave out the soap. I cannot imagine worms like it.
How about that liquid ant poison in the small green bottle with the 
I didn't look it up to see amounts within, or an MSDS.
Maybe do so, and let us know. Then the math, we can do...
By drops per gallon & ppm etc.

Grow ON!

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