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>>This year, I am trying motion detectors. Last year, I used a radio 
and it
>>worked well until the radio failed and the deers were back after a 

>We had a motion detector with lights. Then we even added a radio set 
to a

Since I'm on a ton of garden lists I hear this a lot.  Common 
Well, first a story/study.  When monkeys were startled by a loud noise,
randomly, they developed ulcers etc. But if they were warned the noise
was coming, or it was repetitive, or occurred "if this, then that," they

Deer, also. Strong soap smells deter them, briefly. Uncertainty = 
Scare crows worked, briefly.  If moved ea night, they worked better,
but just for a time. Deer hair, dog hair, human hair, worked briefly.
In hunting, sound alerted them, motion with it, did the trick.
BTW, they are color blind.

SO, what have you laying about, or can buy. Motion detector? A porch 
with a screw in adaptor that turns it into an electrical receptacle. 
The lights
vary widely in degrees... 110 to 180, and distance sensitivity. That's 
set up 1 extra, but buy  $15 types rather than $40 types. If you have
ANY fence at all, it "drives" their entry/direction, so fewer are 

To make an extension cord safe in the wet, use a GFI.  You have an 
house receptacle, or buy a portable GFI for $15. Now, you need a power 
You can plug in a radio, a light or few (1 can have a blinker element,) 
get a sprinkler electric valve, and hook up a hose and on a stake put a 
rotating sprinkler like parks have.  To further waterproof, only so 
things don't
go dead in a rain or due to the sprinkler, here's how: Put all elec 
in any small plastic bucket or wastepaper container, like rubbermade. A 
bricks in the bottom is nice.  Over that, a larger garbage can.  A few 
again, are nice.

Now, about that slingshot... Aim for their rump. Use marbles.
But they sure hate to smell a dead deer/skin/blood.
And, they do "eat rather well."  Sorta lean though...  ;>)

Grow ON!

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