[NAFEX] BT, spinosad and bees and flies

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Thu May 3 07:49:46 EDT 2007

I hired a tree service to spray BT and spinosad on my property because I 
have a major problem with winter moths and I don't have suitable equipment 
(or inclination) to spray the mature oak trees and such.  They came 
yesterday but had a technical problem and said they'd be back today.

The forsythia is in full bloom, the red currants have just begun to bloom, 
and the blueberry blossoms are very close - if it's warm they may start by 
the end of the day.

(the apricot is completely past and the apples are tight buds.)

I never see bees on the (small, green) red currant blossoms.  I think they 
are pollinated by little flies.  But I depend on wild bumble bees for most 
of my pollination.

I know that spinosad is toxic to bees if sprayed on the flowers they are 
working.  How about BT?  How toxic are they if the bees are just checking 
out the not-quite-open blueberries?

If I ask them to wait, the apple will open and it may be too late to give 
the oaks any protection.  I'd like to ask them to avoid the stuff in bloom. 
 Is that good enough?  (This is a 1/3 acre suburban lot.)

Thanks for any advice.
eastern Mass, zone 6

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