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Thu May 3 00:58:19 EDT 2007

>Close. The leaves and needles will be the pH of the soil that the 
roots are
>in.  Hence some will be acidic and some will be basic.

>>     Pine needles are not acid.

For fun, let me tell of biology class, 1966, and pines/evergreens.
It was explained to us, and in the text, that pines happened to
evolve such that this sequence, roughly, occurred.

Pines grew here and there, but were a crop that could survive
on a cold rocky cliff. Their roots (which ruin streets and foundations)
make use of any crack in the rock cliffs, which their acid needles aid.
Freezing rains further their cause. Rocks and dead trees, vegetation,
etc fal to the rubble in the valley. In 25,000 years, a fertile valley 
formed, such that deciduus trees can survive, and a meadow may
soon form.

Right or wrong, this was the word.
Lessee, with time I could recall the textbook's name & publisher.
If not an acid-needle, may I know a source of your reference(s)?
The publisher... was, starts with a B... Barnum? & something?

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