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Prunus Serotina is the cherry from which cherry furniture is made - it bears 
a dark red or black cherry in racemes - the flavor is reminiscent of the 
Luden's black cherry cough drops - saw the fresh logs and an intense almond smell 
occurs.   It's a unique flavor, but its rare to find one bearing heavy, though 
in Massachusetts the Prunus Serotina seedlings grow everywhere.    In 1999 I 
found a good strain in the town of Harvard, Massachusetts and in particular a 
7' seedling at the edge of an apple orchard just loaded.    I grafted it away 
but I only ever had one graft take, a saddle graft.   Now I've got to graft it 
away again as that property where I grafted it to is to be sold this year.   
So I cut some scionwood and away we go again.   I only tried saddle grafts 
before and I started chip budding yesterday.    I've got some Doc Farwell's 
grafting seal and other wraps and will try various.   
1]Does anyone know what temperature Prunus Serotina heals best at?
2] Professor Elwyn Meador grafted the central american form of Prunus 
Serotina and finding it especially hard used a rooting hormone to achieve the graft.  
 Anyone know more about that?   Any information about using rooting hormones 
on hard-to-graft materials?
3] the word I hear on cherries is do them early; of course this cherry isn't 
grafted often so who knows what typical cherry advice has to do with this 
Charlie Paradise

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