[NAFEX] OOPS! (boron)

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To really know how much of any nutrient to apply, you need a soil test.  Most testing labs will give you an analysis and tell you how much of any needed nutrient to add.  If you go to http://soils.tfrec.wsu.edu/webnutritiongood/soilprops/soilnutrientvalues.htm you will see a chart that gives you the values for soil analyses that may be used as a guide in interpretation of soil test results.  If the lab knows what is planted on the soil being tested, this would be the chart they would use to give you the appropriate recommendations.  Hope this helps!
Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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  How much and what form of boron do you apply?  

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  Bill,   Fortunately I sit and edit even a simple email to make it more
  humorous and read better, ESPECIALLY for Doreen, the professional writer, so
  the post I sent was less offensive than it might have been.  I feel like
  I've hit reply automatically just once too often on this group, so maybe in 
  future I WILL stop and think.   Donna

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  Rick,  If your soil soil doesn't drain all that well, get a CEC soil test, 
  like from A&L Labs and see what your Ca:Mg ratio is.  We are on a slope, but
  the internal drainage in our clay is terrible.  We made the mistake the
  first year of adding dolomite lime, high in Mg, which pulls soil particles 
  closer together.  Ca will spread the particles further apart.  Also the test
  should include Boron.  You will probably be alright where you are, but in
  the south on clay soil,, boron is the limiting factor for apples in 
  particular.  You may find your test shows some other trace mineral is low,
  and that one factor might slow or reduce cropping.  In our case, it cost me
  years of trees that simply would not grow.      Donna 
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