[NAFEX] Apple Scionwood - MN 1606

ROBERT W JUDY A HARTMAN hartmansfruit at msn.com
Wed Mar 28 17:36:06 EDT 2007

Does anyone have MN 1606 or know where it can be found?  I just read an interesting article about Malinda and its descendants.  MN 1606 is from the same cross as Sweet Sixteen and Keepsake came from (MN 447 x Northern Spy), http://www.minnesotaharvest.net/apple_malinda.htm<http://www.minnesotaharvest.net/apple_malinda.htm>.  Sweet Sixteen and Keepsake are a couple of my favorite apples and I would like to try the MN 1606.  Keepsake is also one of the parents of Honeycrisp.

Bob Hartman
Western Washington
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