[NAFEX] Apple Question - dumb

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Tue Mar 27 16:19:45 EDT 2007



Is it possible to take a scion from an apple tree, graft it to rootstock and
never see a blossom?


The first scion I ever collected, I grafted to a wild dwarf rootstock in
1999 and it has never produced a single blossom.  The tree is doing well, is
a good size and other trees I have grafted after it have blossomed and had


This makes me wonder.  If you took a scion from a water sprout, would you
ever get apples?  I do not remember now what I took for a scion then, I was
a newbie.


Looking at the tree this spring for nice fat buds that might contain
flowers, and I see none (again).


Any thoughts?



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