[NAFEX] Pears

nbeaureg at student.umass.edu nbeaureg at student.umass.edu
Tue Mar 27 07:08:55 EDT 2007

the orchard i work for has some magness,
thee is very little russeting on those fruit.
we store and sell them for 2.5 months.

plant bosc if what you liked was the bosc.

Quoting Bassem Samaan <bassem at gardener.com>:

> Lisa, You might want to try Magness pear. It's not the most attractive
> pear, it doesn't seem marketable because of it's russett skin, and I
> doubt it can be stored well. However, it's one of my favourite pears,
> very sweet and aromatic. Skin is russet green when ripe. One thing about
> this variety, it doesn't pollinate other trees, and it's not
> self-fertile. You wouldn't have a problem if you have 2 other varieties.
> Basszone 6, Pa
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>   Someone gave me some Bosc pears last year and I was in heaven - I
>   must
>   have pear trees! But I've been waiting for the perfect variety to
>   become clear. The Boscs were so good but I'm not a fan of russeting.
>   They dried divinely. I love the strongly aromatic pears, a good
>   Barlett is like that too.
>   Bosc, Ubileen, Rescue, Highland and Comice are possible. Also Blake's
>   Pride or Atlantic Queen sound good.
>   I don't think Rescue has the aroma, and Bosc and Comice are common.
>   is Ubileen any good? Highland is BarlettxComice; how does it compare
>   to it's parents? But I think a green pear might have more chance
>   against the birds.
>   (side note: I do have a multi-grafted asian pear + bartlett. It's a
>   very funny looking tree, the asian pear branches sort of go out and
>   curve down, while the barlett branches go mostly straight up).
>   Lisa in Ashland Oregon
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