[NAFEX] zone 5 mulberries

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Mar 21 12:36:18 EDT 2007

>At 10:02 AM 3/21/2007, Jenny wrote:
> >I'm going to plant a weeping mulberry this spring, but now I'm wondering
> >that will compare in taste and productivity to an Illinois?
Then, Tom wrote:
>The weeping varieties were selected for "landscaping" purposes, not
>fruiting.  Just as columnar oaks were bred for growth habit, not acorns.

I've had some reasonably tasty berries from some weeping selections - 
probably 'Teas Weeping'.
But!  If you're going to plant a weeper, you'll need to be certain 
that you're getting a fruiting(female) selection, which may require 
ordering from a nursery which propagates edibles.  The vast majority 
of the weeping mulberries in the 'landscape' trade are non-fruiting 
(male) cultivars, like 'Chaparral'.


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