[NAFEX] Plum Curculio and Tree Painting

Scott Williamson ScottW at acespower.com
Mon Mar 19 12:56:15 EDT 2007

Thanks Marie, I guess I would have killed some trees if I hadn't asked.
Also, blooming a little later sounds like a bit of a benefit to me since
it might help avoid some frost.  Can you estimate much it might delay
blooming?  A few days or a few weeks?


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Use an latex interior paint diluted 50-50 with water and paint the
trunks up to the first limbs. Do not use any type of oil based paint as
these will hurt your trees. A painting mit (a glove for painting) sold
in many paint stores is good for this as it is easier to paint round
objects. The painting will need to be redone each year to keep up the
protection. One offshot of this is that your trees will bloom a little
later as the white color reflects the sunlight and cools the trunks. 
Richard Ashton
Oak Creek Orchard
bwoodtx at verizon.net

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	There was a discussion a while back about painting the trunk of
a tree to discourage or confuse Plum Curculio.  I thought I would
experiment this year and try painting some of my trees and see how the
painted vs. non-painted are affected but had a few questions.
	Most importantly I've never painted any of my tree trunks before
and don't want to kill the trees so do I need to use a special kind of
paint or will any exterior paint work?  How thick should I put it on?
Any other general tree painting tips?
	Also how high up the trunk should the paint be to discourage the
Plum Curculio?  2-3 feet?



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