[NAFEX] Pears, peaches, and other fruits for Central Indiana.

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Mon Mar 19 10:57:19 EDT 2007

Dan -

I'd also recommend stepping a bit outside the conventional bounds of
'orchard' and planting some hardy kiwi vines, chestnuts, and hazelnuts.
There's a good chance these will grow with little pest or disease pressure
-- though I am admittedly inexperienced with your specific climatic
conditions + pest/disease complex.

Asian pears and american persimmons sound like a great bet -- some of the
hardier mulberries (e.g. 'Illinois Everbearing') might also be worth a try.
And Pawpaws! you could plant seedlings of the hardier varieties and aim for
some Indiana-adapted trees.

And how about berries?!? Currant, gooseberry, jostaberry would be great for
a partial-shade understory, and silverberry (Hippophae spp.) or goumi
(Eleagnus multiflora) would be soil-improving nitrogen-fixing berry
producers as well. Lee Reich's "Uncommon Fruits for every garden" would be a
good place to check out some varieties and basic growing info for these
plants. I did some design work for a client last year that was creating a
fruit, berry, and nut CSA -- they had chosen all these fruits/nuts, and

Good luck into spring


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