[NAFEX] Ignorant Fig Question

Spidra Webster spidra at speakeasy.net
Thu Mar 15 04:34:32 EDT 2007

I'm trying to learn the gardening ropes by observation so I'm trying  
to observe and get into the habit of actually writing down what I  
observe until I have a sense of what happens when with which plants  
in our climate.  I have what I believe to be a Black Mission fig tree  
in my back yard.  I've noticed that it seems to be leafing and  
fruiting at the same time.  That is, the leaf buds have popped and  
there are what appear to be tiny green figs waxing in size.  I didn't  
see any flowers.  Did I just miss something here or is this something  
special about figs or this fig?

Spidra Webster

Berkeley, CA

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