[NAFEX] wheelbarrow tire is flat.  fill with concrete?

BekeeprTop at aol.com BekeeprTop at aol.com
Wed Mar 14 11:42:48 EDT 2007

Well.   Between this and losing for 2 days my strap wrench necessary for 
removing the house's water filter, I was ready to open the bottle of pear wine.   
However, I didn't have any bottle of pear wine, so I've been saved from threat 
of alcoholism by lack of wine, by all of your sane suggestions about not 
putting concrete in the wheelbarrow tire, and by having a big fat Gempler's supply 

I called Gempler's, described my wheelbarrow specifications and they 
suggested their item 127681 Commercial-Grade Flat-Free Tire with wheel assembly would 
probably work.   We'll see when I receive it, but it looks like it will.  I'm 
out $42.80, which seems more than the value of the wheelbarrow I was given, 
but I see the wheelbarrow useful this spring for mixing medium to pack into 
tubes and pots as I'll be doing a little more growing in containers this year.   I 
do appreciate the dark ages a bit more when wheelbarrows had round wood 
wheels that probably worked great and didn't go flat.   Thanks everybody,
Charlie Paradise

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