[NAFEX] Wheelbarrows

cevanko at civconinc.com cevanko at civconinc.com
Wed Mar 14 11:02:35 EDT 2007

Concerning your wheelbarrow: Do your self a big favor and forget the
concrete.  Even if you could fill it evenly so it didn't go wop-wop-wop
when you pushed it, every time you hit a bump you wrists will take the
beating.  I had a barrow with a metal wheel (some kind of antique I found)
that taught me a lesson.
If you have a flat in a new inner tube you probably pinched it during
installation.  I've done this to bicycle tires many times.  But I had your
problem with my wheel barrow and found there was a hawthorne thorn still
in the tire that punctured the new tube.  Run your hand around the inside
of the tire to make sure you remove the original problem.

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