[NAFEX] wheelbarrow tire is flat. fill with concrete?

William Freels w.freels at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 13 18:04:49 EDT 2007


Well,,,,,,,I was tempted to suggest putting air in the repaired tire/innertube,,,,,,,,,,,but will just let this one pass.

Seriously,  these nogood little buggers can be very troublesome.   The tire on my wheelbarrow would puncture and go flat on weed stubble and such.   Finally solved the problem by getting a new wheel&tire and putting most of the old tire on over the new.   Several years and it is doing just fine.

Bill Freeels
Paducah Ky
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  My wheelbarrow tire size 3.00 - 8 has gone flat. I replaced the inner tube, unsuccessfully.  
  I didn't enjoy replacing it, and it was still flat.
  I have heard of farmers filling their tractor tires with concrete.
  Of course for tractors that is a bad idea, as it adds great weight and
  increases soil compaction.  But how much weight could this add to my little wheelbarrow?  Is it as simple as mixing the concrete and putting it in the tire and putting it on the rim?  I know there are 'no-flat' tires sold but I couldn't find one in 3.00 - 8 and anyway they can $40 or more, too much.
  Charlie Paradise

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