[NAFEX] parafilm request--THANKS

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 12 14:34:42 EDT 2007

I got so many replies to this, I have to say enough & many thanks.

Some related off-list discussion was about using parafilm to wrap damaged trunks,
for example, if you had some mouse- or rabbit-girdling but perhaps not all the way
through all the cambium.  Wrapping w/ parafilm should help prevent the remaining
cambium from drying out & dying.  Yes, no?  Can others describe their attempts at

--- tanis grif <> wrote:

> Are there different kinds of parafilm, or does the M stuff lose its flex after a
> few
> years?  In the past, hort friends have given me parafilm to try, saying it is THE
> ticket for budding & grafting, but and each time the parafilm was more like a
> tough
> wax than a stretchy rubber.  
> Would anyone consider sending me a small sample of the parafilm which has been
> discussed recently, enough to try a few grafts?  
> A couple reasons why I like the rubber splicing tape is because I can always find
> it, in at least one hardware store, and $2-3 is 80-90 grafts.  Never seen parafilm
> on any store shelf, and it sounds like even the smaller amounts available is for a
> lot of grafts!

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