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Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Sat Mar 10 06:05:05 EST 2007

  I grow around 40 + different varieties of figs in zone 6. Most of
  them in containers, around 6 trees in ground currently. I keep
  experimenting and trying to identify what's best for cold area. I
  keep watching for the earliest figs to ripen for me and that's what
  will be in ground next. I'm not interested in Breba crops which is
  formed on 1 year old wood, because of the die back you may not get
  Breba crop in cold zones. I would stay away from varieties that have
  breba crop only such as Desert King, unless you want to keep it in a
  pot and wintered indoor.

  My winners so far are Chicago hardy, it's perfect for lazy gardeners
  like my brother, and my sister. With minimum protection it will
  sprout back and produce a main crop annually. Also "Sal's Fig" which
  is a very similiar to Chicago Hardy, ripens around same time with
  similiar flavor.

  Another variety that I have collected and named "Brooklyn White". It
  produces an extra large size fruits for breba crop if the wood didn't
  die back, then another heavy crop of sweet white figs. It does very
  well outside.

   One variety that I'm begining to fall in love with, I also collected
  it and named it " Dark Portugese". A Portugese immigrant that
  recently passed away, have brought this fig from his hometown.
  The mother tree is so large and produces a heavy crop in our area.
  The fruit is small to medium, and it's red in color inside and
  outside. The extra sweet pulp I've been either eating fresh or made
  into jelly.

  The key to grow all types of figs in cold zone is to find the
  right microclimate. I plant my figs against a south facing wall,
  where they get lots of sun. Never plant a fig out in the open, you'll
  never see a fig on it, except maybe for Hardy Chicago, it may produce

  Bassem S.

  Zone 6, Bethlehem, Pa
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