[NAFEX] splicing tape

Mark & Helen Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Fri Mar 9 14:09:53 EST 2007

Thanks Tanis and Kenneth for the advice on the splicing tape.  One of the
reasons I wanted to try spicing tape over parafilm was that the tape is
black.  Not that I know that much about grafting (last year was my first
year), but my thought was, for spring grafts, splice tape would absorb and
retain more heat than parafilm.  Last year for whip/tongue grafts, I used
masking tape and then painted over the tape with black grafting compound to
"heat" the grafts.  Maybe it helped, maybe it didn't, but it was murder to
unwrap the mess.  Sounds like parafilm and splice tape are both work very
well.  It would be interesting for some of you folks who do hundreds of
grafts to test both products so we could know which is the absolute best.
We beginners need every advantage we can get!


> Thanks for the reminder about stretching the tape Tanis. I forgot to say
anything about it, but habitually do it. Did around 500 grafts in 2005 using
this tape.
> Everyone should try this tape. Does Parafilm actually stick to itself?
This tape that Tanis and I (and others) use sticks very well to itself, I
think it is called self-vulcanizing or some such word. You can stop in the
middle of wrapping a graft and it does not unwind on you like a rubber band
would. Everything stays put. Think - one very sticky rubber band. Just
> This tape breaks down rapidly in full summer sun. Sometimes as early as a
week. If you want it to last the full season, just wrap a little foil (gum
wrapper etc) around the tape to block destructive UV rays. I like the fact
that it wants to rot so easily!
> All who use this technique please thank Tanis. I would not have known
squat about this but she is the one who first posted it several years ago.
> Kenneth Q.
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