[NAFEX] pecans

David Doud doudone at netusa1.net
Wed Mar 7 21:30:55 EST 2007

I will offer my experience - 20+ years ago the Northern Nut Growers had a pecan seed distribution project - seeds collected from  what I recall was described as 'the northern most known pecan trees',  from an island in the Mississippi - 

anyway, I planted 10 seeds and ended up with 4 trees - they bore their first crop of nuts in 2005, @ 21 years old - they are about 40' tall,  a pleasant tree with a vase shape - the nuts are small, on the order of 1/2 the volume of commercial nuts, quite tasty,  crack reasonably easily,  shell out in halves if you're careful - I've never gathered a quanity - they come during apple harvest and once the picking crew finds them, I'm lucky to get any at all - 
David Doud - north central Indiana - z5, and getting warmer - 

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