[NAFEX] splicing tape

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Thu Mar 8 12:24:32 EST 2007


For all graftings, I use Parafilm M, a laboratory grade thermoplastic which
comes in a roll 4 in. wide by 125 ft roll.
It is made by Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Chicago Il 60631.
As per the label, it's properties are:
Moisture resistant

You buy one package, you have enough for years.

I cut a strip, the required size. (there are marking to help make regular
size pieces).

One of its remarquable advantage is that it stretches as required (about 2
1/2 time) once you remove the cover paper and the stretching allows the tape
to adhere to any size branch.
It biodegrades eventually, with the light I guess. Any bud growing pushes
My grafting results greatly improved after a friend of mine gave me a sample
of this tape to try.
It is really quite good and probably close to splicing tape and definitely
worth trying.

Sorry, I don't remember the price.

Hélène, zone 3-4
Québec, near Ottawa
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> Mark, I have used this tape for tying up chip bud grafts. Cut yourself a 2
inch length of tape, then cut it down the middle, lengthwise to obtain two
narrow pieces. For chip buds, I never cover the actual dormant bud.
> Half width sections also work well for regular whip and tongue grafts. I
like half width better than full width. For really tiny grafts, I have even
used 1/3 and 1/4 width tape, but that is an exception. 99% of my grafts use
half width tape.
> There may occur small gaps between the tape and scion/stock interface, so
what I do is insert tiny pieces of modeling clay (kids version) where ever I
see an airgap. Use either a pencil or toothpick to manipulate such small
quantities of modeling clay! Think of yourself as a plant dentist.
> This clay functions also to keep the grafting glue from running into the
said gap and screwing up the chip bud or T-bud.
> Then I will paint a small amount of grafting glue over the clay to bind it
to the tape or stock. The effect is to totally seal out the effects of
drying air. Drying is deadly to a chip bud or T-buds.
> Kenneth Quattlebaum
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> There's been so much talk on rubber electricians tape, I went to Home
> and found a roll.  I'd like to try it this spring on some whip&tongue
> grafts.  But I was wondering, has anyone ever tried it on chip grafts?  It
> seems a little wide I know, but I wonder if it could be cut down and used
> like a budding rubber?
> Mark
> Zone 5 Kansas
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