[NAFEX] Are interstocks on pecans common?

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Mar 6 16:39:28 EST 2007

At 02:20 PM 3/6/2007, Hans wrote:
>And let me import more Northern Pecan seeds from USA as rootstock for
>probably all different Carya.

Even at that, there are varietal differences between different 
'seed-strains' of northern pecan - and Southern pecan, as well.
Here in Kentucky, seedlings of the "Major" pecan, a selection from a 
400-acre native pecan forest in the Green River delta(where the 
"Green River" pecan also originated) are the preferred seedling 
rootstock for pecans and most hickories.  I also like seedlings of 
"Peruque" for this purpose.
However, the choice of seed-strain parent for pecan/hickory growers 
in Kansas or Michigan might be quite different.


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