[NAFEX] inexpensive tree pots?

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Sun Mar 4 09:08:07 EST 2007



Why not just plant your trees in raised beds that are 4'x'4.  This solves
your drainage problem and if you ever wanted to move the trees it would be a
much simpler affair.


A container would not be large enough to protect the trees roots from winter
freeze/thaw cycles unless you buried it in the winter, or put it into a
protected area.  Containers of large sizes can be very heavy.


You could also hill the trees


I have one tree in a container.  If you look hard enough you can find used,
plastic 55 gallon drums.  I buy them for $5.  Cut the middle third out of
the barrel using a sabre saw (jigsaw, sawsall).  Each end will become a
planter.  That is 2 large planters for $5.  Be sure you incorporate handles
into your cutting of the plastic barrel.


Those handles will make it a breeze to pick up and handle.  The other thing
I look for is people tossing out old push lawnmowers.  Remove the old motor
and push handle and you have a perfect wheeled deck to move your large
planters around on.


The 55 gallon barrels I use were originally for lemonade concentrate, so I
have no fear of toxic remnants.  To clean them; before cutting put some mild
soap, some sand, and water into the barrels fill hole and roll it around.
Kids love doing this.


When planting in them drill a few ½” drain holes in the bottom.  Cover the
drain holes with fiberglass screening to prevent soil falling out.  Put 3”
of sand evenly across the bottom, then plant normally.


When planting out  in final location lay the tree on it’s side.  Cut a
straight line across the bottom of the barrel pot with your sabre saw.
Upright tree and place in planting hole using handles (two people).  Now cut
down the sides of the container, meeting the cut across the bottom.  Slide
the container, which is now in two pieces out from under the tree.


That is best way to create and use a large container planter.


I also use these plastic 55 gallon barrels for rain barrels.  By adding a
couple of goldfish to the rain barrel there is no risk of mosquito’s.





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