[NAFEX] Front Lawn fruit tree

Joe and Ellen Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Sat Mar 3 09:25:35 EST 2007

Bassem Samaan wrote:
> I had a magnolia planted in my front yard, that I cut down 3 years ago. 
> I wanted to replace it with edible landscaping. I'm confused between 
> Che, Pawpaw, or Saijo persimmon. I already have pawpaws planted about 
> 30' away from the spot. So if it was a pawpaw it already has the 
> pollinator. I'm not sure if Che will be a specimen tree, I love Saijo 
> fruit as well.
> What would you do if you were me?

Pawpaw trees are a bit small for typical specimen trees.  Fine for a 
micro yard or a secluded nook.  Fall color is clear, pale yellow.

Most Asian persimmons are also smallish trees due to very heavy bearing. 
  Many sport awesome fall color with very hot reds and orange.

I can make no comment on Che.

If you like the flavor and have a medium size yard, Ya Li Asian pear 
should be considered.  Beautiful tree.  Spring flowers.  Clean leaves. 
Sparkling, early (far earlier than Bradford flowering pear) fall colors. 
  The only drawbacks are that the fruit aroma is more like incense than 
fruity and large amounts of fruit.

Salem aleikum from Eaton Rapids

> Bass Zone6
> Bethlehem, pa 

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