[NAFEX] grafting tape...(where to buy)

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 16:36:15 EST 2007

akmanty, I have seen the tape at Ace, and Dorn's.  These are chain-stores in at
least the Madison area.  I'm due for a trip to Home Depot...  Contact me off list,
as I might be able to send you some tape for less than the cost of an on-line
purchase.  Think about-- how many grafts do plan on doing this spring, and when?

--- Lucky Pittman <> wrote:

> At 01:27 PM 3/1/2007, you wrote:
> >**** May I ask what hardware store and in what state?  I live in WI and
> >have not seen any such rubber tape for many,. many years.
> >---akmanty
> I bought some within the last year at the local Lowe's home 
> center.  Rubberized electrician's splicing tape, if I recall correctly.
> I'll bet I could also have gotten it at the little mom & pop hardware 
> store downtown where I usually shop - it's like stepping back in time 
> 50 years or more - but they're not open nights or Sundays.
> Lucky

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