[NAFEX] cherry seedlings

vrana nokal at seznam.cz
Fri Jun 29 01:40:15 EDT 2007

I cant get tree of sour-sweet cherry Amarel Queen, but I have got few fruits.I sow it and now I got fruit on one tree. Fruit is even bigger than on original sort, but skin is too thin and there is not enough fruit .Nevertherless, I like it much for fresh eating.Another seedling of cherry have also bigger fruit/28mm in diameter/but the negative abilities are there also: thin skin-catches monilia and small crop.For me doesnt mater, I like it. Its fine to see so big fruit and so good.I like to make such experiments,its interesting to see what it makes.Each seedling have another fruit.My neighbour have also seedling from queens sour-sweet cherry,but his fruit is too sour.Somewhere where breeding was made must be a lot of interesting clones,though its technology abilities are none.I think that it should be selected again for this one ability: flavour for privat gardeners fresh using.Jan, Czech Rep.
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