[NAFEX] Peach twig problems

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If you visit http://www.okstate.edu/ag/asnr/hortla/ftpcns/ofm.htm you can 
see photos of the moth, tree damage and monitoring traps.  Another good 
photo is at 
The key to spraying is the timing.  If you visit 
http://lawnandgarden.unl.edu/scripts/com_disease_insect.cgi?ID=514 you will 
find info for Nebraska although you are in the same Zone 5 as we are so your 
timing is relatively the same as ours and Michigan.  The MSU info at 
http://www.ipm.msu.edu/fruitpests/orientalfruitmoth.htm will give you as 
much info as you might need for timing your sprays.  Hope this helps.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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>i second Ed.
> ncb
> Z5
> greenfield MA
> good peach and apple set here.
> Quoting Ed Fackler <ed.fackler at gmail.com>:
>> Bill:
>>      You have the classic symptoms of Oriental Fruit Moth which lays eggs 
>> in
>> the tips of new growth.  The egg hatches inside the shoot and tunnels
>> downward.  My experience is that if your trees are protected with an
>> insecticide (my choice was Imidan, and still is) through petal fall to 
>> late
>> June/mid July, it will do the trick.

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