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Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Sun Jun 17 22:41:35 EDT 2007

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>From    : Donna &/or Kieran[mailto:holycow at cookeville.com]
    We are looking into something affordable that will pump 140 ft of 
vertical head from the creek.  Looks a like Shurflo 12V pump might do it. 
We have one, but not a strong enough model to pump all the way to the top. 
Everyone says we'd do best to step it anyway.   Any advice would be 

I think you're probably gonna need a gasoline-powered water or semi-trash pump, probably with a 4-hp or larger 
engine, to pump water that high.  Even then, you may have to step it - I did see one Honda pump that had a 141 ft 
head rating, but most are rated at less than 100 ft.

I've got one that I paid $100 for, that I use mainly to prime my gravity flow water system for the cows every 
spring; 1.5" fittings, if I recall correctly.  There's a guy here in town who buys used pumps like this one that 
have been used to pump out flooded homes/basements, etc. - I don't know where/how he finds 'em, but he'll have a 
dozen or so on hand at any given time - he checks 'em out, makes sure they're running correctly, or combines parts 
from two or more pumps to make one good one, etc.   When I bought this last one(I'd bought a $60 one 10-12 years 
ago), he said the Amish buy them as fast as he can get 'em ready to go.


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