[NAFEX] Oak Leaves acidic?

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sat Jun 16 08:50:23 EDT 2007

Scott Williamson wrote:  "I was wondering if anyone knew if the comments you 
always hear about oak
leaves acidifying the soil is true or if it's similar to pine needles in
that it depends on what kind of soil the tree is growing in."

    I have found Oak leaves to be no more acidic than any other  mulch!

    Someone recently mentioned that pine needles are as acidic as the soil 
they grow in - I have not found that to be true.  I wonder if the writer had 
actually tested those pine needles or is just spouting some 'old wives' 
tale,  What I have found is that pine needles grown on alkaline soil  tend 
to produce compost with a pH of 7.0 AND pine needles grown on acidic soil 
tend to produce compost of 7.0 - yes I own, and use, pH meters.  I like to 
use the words "tend to" in the event of possible exceptions.

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