[NAFEX] only slightly off topic: roses

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Thu Jun 14 22:01:25 EDT 2007

Roses are grown for their hips, so I think you're on topic... suckers coming
from below my rose grafts have been red, double, and thorny.  

Sorry you were disappointed with the scent - I had scent-rose feature in a
garden, it was very, very pleasant, especially early in the am.  

And big rugosas for the hips, but elsewhere on the property.  You know, I'm
slowly planting out our new place, and hadn't thought of roses!  I had
dozens before, scattered here and there, many kinds, mostly blending into
the landscape; they just looked homey.  We have several flowering vines, and
I've grown many over the years, but nothing looked so right as a climbing
rose over the front gate... 

~ Stephen.

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Well, as long as the topic of roses has come up. . .  I have a rose  
bush my uncle gave me.  He got it at a local nursery, where it was  
labeled as coming from Jacksons and Perkins.  It was a "scentsation",  
which has red & white striped blossoms with a pleasant scent.  The  
first year I planted it we had an unusually cold winter, and I  
thought it died.  It has slowly come back, and I can't tell whether  
it has grown back from above or below the graft.  This year it has  
bloomed - a red blossom, with about the same form as "scentsation".   
I don't notice much scent, but was disappointed with the scent of the  
plant before it died back, too.

The blossom certainly looks like it could have been intentionally  
selected - it's not a wild rose by any means.  But it doesn't look  
like it's supposed to.  Could I have a bud mutation (losing the  
stripes) from the cold?  Does J&P use a red-blossomed rose for its  

Nothing in particular rides on the answer, but I'm curious.


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