[NAFEX] Fw: Cherry Tree Lunacy

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Wed Jun 13 23:26:53 EDT 2007

The patch is too big -
> and too thorny - to use netting, so I guess I'll just live with it. They
> laugh at anything I put out to scare them away, unless I stand there
> myself (and even then I have to patrol the patch, since they'll sneak in
> on one side or another).

Bill,  The thought of you patrolling your patch reminded me of a notion I
had this morning.  We have so much trouble with cardinals that I finally had
both nylon curtains AND bird netting hung over our Sugar Snap peas, and the
birds were getting in somehow and ate all the latter part of the crop.  Due
to the ongoing drought there weren't very many left, but on the other hand
there's not much else for us or the birds to eat.  Back earlier in the
season I was out picking the snow peas and noted the fussing of cardinals in
the trees because I was interfering with their feeding. They got all the
late peas from that batch too, in spite of nylon curtains, which is why I
added the bird netting on the sugar snaps.  As I was taking the netting down
this morning, our useless cat was hanging around, and it dawned on me that
if I'd put her in a wire cage during the day, the birds would fuss even more
and stay away.  Actually we have a new cat that likes birds, maybe a light
leash on a cable near the peas????   We did that once when we had a cat that
was raiding birdnests.  She spent about a week tied to a cable between two
trees.  She was much more subdued when we finally let her go.

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