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I have a small 15 tree pawpaw orchard and I get very good pollination without nailing roadkill to the fence.  My pawpaws are along side pear/apple/plum/peach trees that overlap in bloom period, and while those are pollinated by bees, I see the same small flies that work the pawpaw flowers visiting some of the pome and stone fruit flowers as well.
So I think mother nature provides enough flies without any help.
My recollection is that Kentucky State University did not find any attractant necessary for pollinating their massive pawpaw grove.

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>I have some questions on japanese beetle eradication/usage, if I may. 
>As I'm considering growing old garden roses (in addition to berry
>bushes and, hopefully, paw paw, as a followup to recently planted
>rugosa bushes) it seems inevitable that japanese beetles (already in
>the area) will become endemic.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
>1. I've recently read of a couple of ways to remove/gather japanese
>beetles.  In the morning (while the dew is weighing them down) they can
>be picked/pushed off into (soapy?) water.  Alternately, a sugar/yeast
>solution can be put into plastic gallon containers (of which I have a
>plethora between $4/gallon milk & $1/gallon water) to attract them -
>they check in but don't check out.  The beetles can then be put in a
>blender & sprayed on susceptible plants, which the beetles would then
>find repugnant due to their scenting a member of the family.
>How well does this work?  Can the solution be applied to other
>susceptible plants (e.g.-grapes) with success? Should the blended
>beetles consist of just the morning ones, or would the sugar/yeast
>solution be outweighed by the "beetle juice"?  How often would spraying
>be required (was thinking late morning & early evening)?  What effect
>would this have on the roses/other plants (i.e.-fertilizer? cause black
>spot or mildew?)?
>2. Re paw paws - I understand that a way to attract the proper insect
>pollinators is to hang roadkill from the trees.  Although this sounds
>appealing, might the "beetle juice" work as well?
>3. Am I missing anything here?
>George Drosehn
>Northern Delaware - zone 7 (from whichever of the 2 charts you choose)
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Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC

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