[NAFEX] Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

Jason Holmes jholmes at psu.edu
Mon Jun 11 12:27:29 EDT 2007

William C. Garthright wrote:
>> I was interested to hear about other people's experience with this mulberry. I had just recently bought mine from Burnt Ridge and set it in ground bareroot in April. We had cold weather, although nothing as extreme in scope as some of you have described. However, my mulberry never broke dormancy either in zone 6, PA which was most disappointing.
> I bought my first Illinois Everbearing mulberry from Forestfarm a little 
> over a year ago, and it never broke dormancy, either. They sent me a 
> replacement that I planted June 7, 2006, and it grew very well - very 
> fast - and looked great. But it didn't break dormancy this year. Of 
> course, we had that April cold snap this year. But I'm wondering about 
> the pattern with this tree.
> Well, I bought another one this spring, so we'll see how that goes.

I also purchased my first Illinois Everbearing mulberry (actually, my 
first mulberry ever) from Forestfarm last year.  I had it in the ground 
late March / early April and it didn't do anything for most of April. 
It then got zapped by a light, unexpected frost and most of the buds 
turned dark.  By mid-May, I was ready to give up on it, but decided to 
leave it go for a while longer.  In early June, it started growing and 
by August, it had went from a spindly 1 foot tree to a 8 foot monster 
(no fertilizer beyond a handful of 9-month Osmocote that I had mixed 
into the 3-foot hole I had dug for it).  A forestry friend of mine 
thought that that amount of growth would lead to a weak tree and so I 
cut it back to about 4 feet for this year.  I protected it well for a 
potential late frost here this year and it woke up mid May, which is 
very late compared to most everything else here (Zone 5b/6, PA).  It has 
about 50 berries on it now with the most developed one just starting to 
get some color on it and has put on about 18 inches of growth both 
vertically and all around (it looks more like a bush than a tree now, 
but I'll take care of that this winter).  I've never tasted a mulberry 
before and am very excited about doing so given the comments here 
regarding how good the Illinois Everbearing berries taste.  This thread 
reminds me I should protect some of the better looking berries lest the 
birds make me wait until next year for the initial tasting.


Jason Holmes

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