[NAFEX] Cherry Tree Lunacy

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Mon Jun 11 08:45:40 EDT 2007


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On Mon, 11 Jun 2007 07:16:40 -0500 "William C. Garthright" 
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>> No cats to patrol the berries?  I've used Mylar scare-tape in trees, 
along with a seed feeder nearby with good results for birds - also always 
have some bright red non-crop berries growing.
>Cats would be worse pests than the birds, I'd think, and I don't like 
>them running loose in town.

My cat patrols my garden, and she's not a pest at all.  She uses a nearby 
abandoned sandbox for her business, and is very good about not damanging 
any of the plants.  Having cats has made an enormous difference in my berry 
harvest.  This year i've even gotten a handful of strawberries (which i'd 
completely given up on.)  I doubt it's a coincidence that those 
strawberries grew next to a large flat stone she like to sun herself on.

I used to use all sorts of nets and stuff with little success.  Now I only 
net the blueberries.

She does leave us 'presents' of dead birds, and we find parts of baby 
bunnies in the spring.

It is problematic to let cats run loose in the vicinity of cars, or 
outdoors at night with the larger predators - for you cats, not for your 
garden.  We bring ours in early in the evening.


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