[NAFEX] Cherry Tree Lunacy

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Sun Jun 10 14:28:24 EDT 2007

> Did you specifically try rodent repellants, or more generic animal repellants?

Generic, I guess. Just what I saw for sale locally. One was called 
"Liquid Fence." It doesn't mention squirrels, just rabbits and deer. I'm 
in town, so no deer problems. And it doesn't seem to affect my rabbits 
at all (nor squirrels).

I can't remember what other commercial products I've tried, but I have 
put down blood and bone meal (which I figured would be good fertilizer, 
if nothing else), then seen rabbits sitting in the middle of it a few 
hours later. Apparently, my rabbits like blood. I'll have to be careful 
taking a nap on the lawn!

Right now, I'm particularly annoyed with the local robins. The late 
freeze killed about half of my black raspberry canes, so I've got a 
smaller crop than normal. And the robins are eating them before they get 
ripe. Usually, I've got plenty of raspberries, so it's no big deal. But 
I'm wondering if I'll get any of them this year. The patch is too big - 
and too thorny - to use netting, so I guess I'll just live with it. They 
laugh at anything I put out to scare them away, unless I stand there 
myself (and even then I have to patrol the patch, since they'll sneak in 
on one side or another).

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

A cult is a religion with no political power. - Tom Wolfe

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