[NAFEX] persimmon fertilization

Claude Sweet hortventures at cox.net
Sun Jun 10 13:06:45 EDT 2007


Is the fruit from this solitary tree seedless?

Have you checked to see if both male and female flowers are present in 
the spring?

Is the tree grafted or is it growing on its own roots  and thus a seedling?

Answers to these questions are important to providing answers to your 

Claude Sweet

Jwlehman at aol.com wrote:

> Hi Jerry,
> I'll insert my answers in blue
> In a message dated 6/9/2007 7:15:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> Jerrydana5 at aol.com writes:
>> OK, not to appear stupid, but I don't understand this persimmon 
>> fertilization [pollination] thing.  Everybody around here says you 
>> must have 2 trees to have persimmons.  I guess that means they are 
>> like some apples which are not self-fertile. Persimmon is dioecious, 
>> that means male and female flowers on separate trees. One tree of 
>> each sex is needed in order the female tree will bear fruit. There a 
>> very very rare few exceptions. Apples are monoecious meaning the 
>> flowers each have male and female sexual parts and some are not self 
>> compatable.  I got my sprouts from volunteers under a solitary tree 
>> close by which is always loaded with persimmons. How could that be? 
>> That would indicate there are male trees nearby which you may not 
>> know about. Persimmon is pollinated by bees and will carry pollen 
>> quite far.  My guess is the trees not bearing are male trees. And am 
>> I guaranteed I will get persimmons from just two trees, or do I need 
>> more to be sure?  Having two trees will not guarantee fruit as they 
>> both can be male trees. What if they don't "get along"?  Is it 
>> possible to have two trees which do not cross-pollinate? To my 
>> knowledge there is no genetic incompatibly that blocks pollination as 
>> in cherries and some other fruits. There are some seedless persimmons 
>> but generally they still need a pollinator to produce the seedless 
>> fruit. I know, that doesn't make sense as we know it. It's taken me 
>> years to get some sprouts that grow, so I want to get this straight.  
>> Thanks for clearing things up for this new persimmon grower.  I'd 
>> like to suggest that you graft your seedlings to known good female 
>> bearing varieties. Not all persimmon trees bear desirable fruit for 
>> your use.  Jerry in southern Indian
> a
> Jerry in central West Indiana.
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