[NAFEX] dwarf almonds

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Wed Jun 6 13:41:22 EDT 2007

Yes, there are nuts in there.  Whether they're bitter depends on your
variety.  They start out soft and green (and there are recipes that use
green almonds), but as they mature the skin will dry and pull more easily
away from the pit, which should be dry and woody.  Inside that is the
almond.  When ripe, they can be shaken off the tree.

There's a question of pronunciation, whether the L is silent (and the A
pronounce as in "as").  Local growers say that when they're on the tree,
it's almond; after harvest, it's amond, because you shake the L out of

~ Stephen

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I notice a couple of the hardy dwarf almonds I planted many years ago  
are setting nuts for the first time.  Is there an actual nut in these  
& I'm assuming that if there is, it'll be bitter?  The trees are only  
3 feet high.


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