[NAFEX] Control for persimmon psylla?

Hal Love lovehd at comcast.net
Wed Jun 6 11:01:41 EDT 2007

I have a lot of psylla here in northern TN, but I have not seen any
detrimental effects, just minor cosmetic damage. The trees are growing very
vigorously now in their second year, having reached about 10 feet, with the
grafts about 4 feet off the ground. I also got my scions from Scott, so I'm
growing the same clones. I'm wondering if Scott's spraying to control them
is eliminating/reducing a beneficial insect. I have never sprayed anything
on mine.


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> > How bad is the damage from the psylla if you do nothing?
> The years that I did not know how to control it all the leaves were
> extremely distorted and the trees hardly grew at all.  The trees grew
> only a foot or two in their first three years.  So it seemed like a
> really bad thing.  Lucky, the fact that you are only getting mild
> damage makes me think that is the normal case - if everyone had it as
> bad as I had been getting it there would be a lot more fuss being
> made about it.  I could have had it especially bad due to the fact
> that my trees had the psylla from the moment they were planted and
> were more susceptible to attack in their weak state.  Last year I
> finally got it under control and the trees got their first year of
> strong growth, so it could be that I don't need to be as aggressive
> about it anymore.  But, its hard for me to let nature takes its
> course after seeing my trees suffer so much.   I did let it go in the
> later months last year after I had beaten it completely back in June,
> and the psylla did not get going again that year.
> Scott

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