[NAFEX] Curculio / Surround adhesion question

John Barbowski jbarbowski at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 13:17:25 EDT 2007

I have a small Damson plum with about 50 small green plums just 7 feet away
from a med sized golden delicious apple. Just finished bagging the apples
and noticed P. curc damage on about 20% of the small green apples (dime
size) - but no damage on the plums (also dime size). Anecdotal - yes, but
I'm sure there is no rule.

I even got 2 of the little brown beasts with their ovipositors imbedded in
the friut. Requiem mass was at 8 pm last night.

Last year, I used my fingernail (as per a NAFEXer suggestion) to extricate
the PC ovum. The developing apple had a small scar, but otherwise was still
quite edible. I realize this is not an option for commercial endeavours.

I have a Clapps pear and, for the 1st time, would have had a reasonable
crop. About 1/3rd of the quarter sized pears simply turned black. They were
ravaged from the inside by small white worms, (WEB enquiries indicated apple
maggots?). I did spray at petal fall.

I also noticed for the 1st time, that some of my apple leaves exhibited what
looks like peach leaf curl. Could this be a ramification of not having
applied a dormant spray? (too much rain when I had the time)

I am also assuming the haphazard weather in Jan (very warm), cold Feb, and
overly wet spring has caused sporadic apple development in some trees. A
couple of trees are loaded, whereas some that I expected to thin have almost
no fruit. Genetic diversity?



On 6/4/07, Jason MacArthur <rotread at localnet.com> wrote:

Maybe I should plant a plum tree nearby and leave them that as an offering
> :).
> Jason MacArthur
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