[NAFEX] Curculio / Surround adhesion question

Del Stubbs northernlights2n at yahoo.com
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Now that makes sense why one should spray before shuck split. Do these buggers climb - or
fly around? 
If much of their transport is climbing a few wraps of tape with tanglefoot could work
wonders on problem trees - (I have this at the top of my window screen wrap to keep
borers out of apple trees' base - but not on plums) thanks, Del

--- Michael Phillips <michael at herbsandapples.com> wrote:

> Surround does run off a smooth plum readily, but not to worry. The clay
> coverage on the leaves, twigs, and branches of the tree is just as
> important. Curculio does a lot of crawling seeking out the fruit, and in
> those journeys picks up irritating clay particles that make the pest want to
> be somewhere else. In other words, clay on the fruitlets is generally the
> last line of barrier defense. If you try to "stick" the clay with oil or
> some other spreader, you are working against the design of the Surround
> approach. 
> Another relevant factor with Surround is deliberately leaving a tree or two
> unprotected so the bugs have someplace to go to dissipate their reproductive
> urges. This can be a nearby wild tree or a preferred host fruit (like plum
> in Minnesota) being used as a trap tree. This way you can limit how long the
> clay coverage needs to be kept up from 6-8 weeks down to 2-4 weeks. There
> are several strategies for limiting returning populations in and beneath
> those trap trees. 
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> Last year the curculios were so effective I go zero plums off of 7 trees ( 5
> varieties)
> that had had  their first fruit set. So I bought a 25# bag of Surround,
> followed
> directions, using my solo back pack sprayer. After two sprayings the leaves
> are quite
> white but only a third of the 1/4" to 1/2" plums are even covered - and I of
> course
> targted them specifically both times. So I tried various concentrations in a
> little  hand
> spray bottle, spraying directly on the plums - I can watch it bead off.
> Obviously the
> 'berries' have a waxy coating that resists a water based substance. 
> All I can think of is to add a surfactant like dish soap, but worry about
> burning the
> leaves. Anyone found a solution to make Surround actually work?
> (BTW, it went flawlessly through my back pack sprayer, I had read of someone
> complaining
> about clogging - my guess is  that they did not use the coarse filter under
> the cap of
> their sprayer.)
> Del
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